Stories for Amanda Anthology to Support Anti-Bullying Efforts Now Available

If you don’t know who Amanda Todd is, watch her YouTube video. I’m warning you, it will break your heart.

When I met Kahlen Aymes at the 2013 RT Booklovers Convention, she invited me to contribute a story to the anthology she was putting together to help raise funds for the Amanda Todd Legacy. Researching and writing about bullying wasn’t easy. It’s a complex subject and I’m no expert, but my goal with my short story “Out of It” is to encourage onlookers to think about how they can intervene, and the difference between doing nothing and making a difference.

100% of the proceeds from Stories for Amanda will benefit anti-bullying efforts through

The e-book is now available at amazon and smashwords.

Stories for Amanda

One thought on “Stories for Amanda Anthology to Support Anti-Bullying Efforts Now Available

  1. MIkayla Graham

    When i first heard about Amanda, I was in tears for days. i have lost to many people in my life to bullying. I didnt know her personally, but it just hit me where it hurts. She made 2 mistakes and these people pick on her like there God or someting! there not perfect! I went on facebook a couple days ago and people are still posting nasty things about her! Really killing herself wasnt enough for you? I dont understand why people even wanted tpo pick on such a beautiful girl as Amanda. It kills me on the inside, im a victim of bullying. I know how she feels. People are cruel. Bullying needs to stop!

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