Shredded by Karen Avivi

A contemporary young adult novel

Drop into the world of rule-breaking, gravity-defying girls who shred riding freestyle BMX

“I would have preferred handlebars in the gut.
At least when that happened I definitely saw it coming.”

Shredded by Karen Avivi is more than a girls’ sports book or a BMX biking book. The motivating push-your-limits story takes on feminism, friendship, sexism, and sibling rivalry.

Josie Peters thinks she’ll do anything to ride in the Ultimate BMX freestyle event the summer before her senior year. To hit the qualifying events in the Midwest, Josie and her friends take off on a summer road trip where late-night parties, an intimidating mega ramp, and the lure of sponsorships spark friction between the girls. When Josie’s best chance for success depends on her relationship with flashy rider R.T. Torres, she has to decide what she’s trying to win and how much she’ll sacrifice.

Even readers unfamiliar with BMX or extreme sports will be caught up in the adrenaline rush of Josie’s tricks, wipeouts, and wins. Hints of romance provide extra conflict without overtaking the main plot. Ideal for fans of realistic young adult fiction, Shredded features a strong female lead character who goes after what she wants by taking action.

To download an excerpt of the first two chapters, click here to open a pdf.

5 STARS “Shredded is the holy grail of young adult fiction. … This book is absolutely perfect.”
San Francisco Book Review

Rating: A “… this book is so good it made me want to start shouting empowerment slogans at the top of my lungs like some sort of deranged Spice Girl.” – Litchick’s Hit List

Engrossing, pulse-racing and features one hell of a daredevil for a heroine!Dia Pelaez at Book Junkie Joint

“Avivi has herself a novel that teen girls will not be able to resist! … A most delicious novel for any middle/high school library!”
Jennifer Szoch at Novel Nutritious

“Authentic, fun, emotional, and just plain gorgeous writing.”
– Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times bestselling author

“…I loved this book… Avivi makes each event and stunt come alive. She also addresses some very important issues about how young women are frequently treated in extreme sport competitions, and how that can be changed by the young women who participate. You don’t have to be a woman to enjoy this book or be into BMX or other extreme sports. It is a fabulous read and one I wholeheartedly recommend.”
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

“…5 out of 5 Stars I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! What a Fantastic Story by Karen Avivi!! When Josie would talk about grinding, the half pipe, or jumping stairs, my heart would pound harder as I remembered those days for myself. The feel of the rush as you push harder toward the jump, praying as you fly through the air that you land it – Whoa, it was a blast!… I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves contemporary YA, and who also loves extreme sports and the girls who participate in them.”
Megan McCooey for Turn The Page Book Blog

“…I love this book. Flippin’ LOVE IT… Fast paced, emotionally resonant, and high speed action: this book will play well with guys and girls. The writing is clear and compelling – Josie Peters as a character is clear as day, and her hesitations, hurts, and victories make the text live and breathe… Seriously, if you have any teen/tween girls around you – put this book into their hands. Read it yourself. It’s powerfully motivating … Recommended for Fans of: STOTANS!, IRON MAN and others by Chris Crutcher… ”
Tanita Davis at Finding Wonderland

Fantastic Sports Read for Teen Girls and Guys…Ms Avivi does an outstanding job of taking intricate tricks and describing them so that readers like me who, know nothing about the sport, can picture what the rider is doing, greatly enhancing the enjoyment of Josie’s journey. Because it’s so well-written, and in my opinion combines the best of what constitutes plot-driven and character-driven stories, I think any gender and any age would enjoy this book. Definitely going on my “Recommended” list!”
– Reviewed by Kelli Bragg at

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